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How is Smart Technology created?

Smart Technology (Siem Reap) is the one of a technical skills and solution of a variety technology. It is a company
which can solve the problem of your company about technical issues. It is located base in siem reap and another branch at
another provinces in Cambodia. Smart Technology was created in 2016 in Siem Reap as the first branch. Founders and developers
were working hard and creative in variety of solving the technial issues of technology.

How's our work?

Smart Technology is a profesional technology company which has an expeirence many years on solving a technical issues,
server,database, hardware, software, programming and networking. Especially, it is first service which focus on the technology only
to serve you the best service on technology. Our clients have a fully oppotunity to contact us anytime at 24h/day or can have
a maintenance contract with us to keep your system running well 24h/day with no issues.

How's our partner?

Smart Technology (Siem Reap) is registered the fully license from the government of Cambodia. We are coporated with
our partners locally and internationally. We are working together with them as the follow technical support company which are
working on hardware,software,internet and networking.

How to contact us?

Smart Technology is officially located in Salakangseng, Svay Dangkom,Siem Reap,and another branch in another provinces
in Cambodia. You can contact on the followings:
Tel: 011 983 284/ 070 565 855

How's our free-training?

Smart Technology Certified Trainers receive extensive instruction enabling them to help execute the implementation and high-quality training of Technical solutions.They are listed in Smart Technology's directory as validation of their active status as a Smart Technology approved trainer. If you have questions concerning your Smart Technology integration or training, please contact a Smart Technology Company.

How to get free-registered?

With the free-registration of Smart Technology Company Clients, you are free to get registered and get 15% off for all the services and online shopping. To get registered, you just simply do the following step:
-click on the Get Registered Button
-enter your email address
-phone number
then commonly press Register Button.
We will get back to you to get registered to be our client.

How to join our online training?

How to become a reseller?

Being a Smart Technology reseller opens up a world of opportunities. We're renowned for our integrated, easy-to-use solutions that help transform the way the world works and learns. Our business solutions help corporate and government teams collaborate in more productive ways, and our education solutions help teachers create learning environments where achievement comes naturally in Cambodia and worldwide.

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